Perpertual Motion

Perpertual Motion is one it machine that works for all the eternity without never to stop. Some cientists affirm to be impossible to build this machine once she challenges the physics laws, others believe to be possible to build it. Now just for pure curiosity: which is its opinion regarding this machine? Do you believe that is possible to build it?

Yes or not?

it is which goes to its answer, no matter how much it is impossible, to the man, to build such a perfect machine to the point of never to stop of working, it will always be possible to build a machine whose characteristics approach of the perfection of the Perpertual Motion.

Now it believes or not: the Perpertual Motion not only it is possible of being built as it already exists in the real life. This machine it was and it is still created for God. She is, nowadays, more popularly known by " human being " name. The concrete test of being the " human being " a Perpertual Motion is that its soul (she is immortal) it possesses the so dreamed and wanted eternal life.