This scientific technical work was created by the simple reason that don't get to understand the theory of the meson. If you are capable to understand this theory, then it is of congratulations, because you do be a genius of the humanity. The theory of the meson is so complicated that to understand the form of like her it works it is necessary to be genius. As this is not my case, I found for the front two options:

1st option: to pass the whole rest of my life without understanding the phenomenon of the nuclear cohesion and...

2nd option: to create a new theory to explain the nuclear cohesion with a language of easy understanding and at the same time endowed with the largest degree of possible logic.

This work was created without the orientation aid and collaborators. Any scientific experience was not accomplished to know the history of The Mysteries of the Atom it is or not true.

Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brazil
year: 2001